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#103: The Sky is Falling!!!!

(Recorded March 12, 2016) This week: (1) the race for the White House; (2) a foreign affairs news round-up (Brexit, Turkey’s President, Obama & Netanyahu, Iranian elections, ISIS & chemical weapons); and (3) Boris and Adrian discuss the improving US economy.

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#99: Remembering Antonin Scalia; Election 2016

(Recorded February 14, 2016) This Week Boris and Adrian: (1) remember Justice Antonin Scalia; and (2) they take a look at this week in presidential politics.

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#98: Iowa; New Hampshire; Campaign Funerals; Making a Murderer

(Recorded February 06, 2016) This week, Boris and Adrian: (1) look back at Iowa; (2) share their predictions for New Hampshire; (3) mourn the passing of several presidential campaigns; and (4) dig into the mechanics of the Netflix show Making a Murderer.

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#89: Weekly Round-up; Laquan McDonald; Cruz & Rubio;

(Recorded December 05, 2015) This Week: (1) the news round-up; (2) Laquan McDonald and Chicago Policing; and (3) Cruz & Rubio.

FYI, we’ll be having a book club episode in the new year on The Prize: Who’s in Charge of America’s Schools? by Dale Russakoff. Our discussion will air on January 26, 2016. If you’d like to hear us talk about anything in particular, use the contact link to get us your suggestions or questions by January 21st.

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