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#5: Scholar-Athletes, Religious Corporations, and Political Forecasts

(Recorded Mar. 30, 2014) This Week:  (1) The NLRB says Northwestern athletes can unionize – will this do anything to dispel the myth of the scholar-athlete?; (2) Is Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby the stupidest case ever?; (3) U.S. Politics – We discuss Nate Silver’s predictions and the boys make a few predictions of there own. Plus, Josh explains the force of nature that is Steve Stockman.

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#1: Politics, Drugs, Sex, and the Single Zillionaire

(Recorded Mar. 1, 2014) This Week: (1) Law and Politics: same-sex marriage bans are dropping like flies, and John Dingell is leaving Congress; (2) Heroin and illicit drugs in America; (3) Pop Culture: David asks if Ghostbusters is a republican polemic? and Josh talks about Tom Perkins’ Sex and the Single Zillionaire.

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