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#90: Is Donald Trump a fascist demagogue? + a Supreme Court Roundup

(Recorded December 12, 2015) This Week: A Supreme Court Round-up including: (1) Affirmative Action at UT; (2) Redistricting and the meaning of one man, one vote; (3) The latest challenge to Obamacare; (4) Civil Forfeiture; (5) a case against compulsory union dues; and (6) an examination of the death penalty; Also, (7) the latest edition of Trumpwatch.

FYI, we’ll be having a book club episode in the new year on The Prize: Who’s in Charge of America’s Schools? by Dale Russakoff. Our discussion will air on January 26, 2016. If you’d like to hear us talk about anything in particular, use the contact link to get us your suggestions or questions by January 21st.

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#31: SCOTUS Messes with Texas; Global Warming; and the Race for the Senate (IA, CO, SD & NH)

(Recorded October 18, 2014) This Week: (1) SCOTUS messes with Texas (anti-abortion laws); (2) global warming; and (3) the race for the Senate (IA, CO, SD & NH).

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#24: GOP 2016 Hopefuls: Rick Perry, Chris Christie & Jeb Bush; an Ebola Q&A, and the O’Bannon Decision

(Recorded August 19, 2014) This Week: (1) GOP 2016 Hopefuls: Rick Perry, Chris Christie & Jeb Bush; (2) an Ebola Q&A with Nadia; (3) and the O’Bannon Decision, what does it mean for college sports?

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#21: The Obamacare Typo, Rubio, Ryan, and Reagan

(Recorded July 26, 2014) This week, Adrian and Boris discuss: (1) the DC Circuit’s ruling on the Obamacare typo; (2) GOP presidential contenders Marc Rubio and Paul Ryan; and (3) Ronald Reagan’s presidential legacy.

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#9: Cliven Bundy, Affirmative Action, American Oligarchy, and Immigration Reform

(Recorded Apr. 26, 2014) This Week:  (1) A big week for race in America – we discuss Cliven Bundy and the Supreme Court’s decision on affirmative action; (2) Capital, Power and the American Oligarchy; (3) Immigration Reform – will the Republicans get on board?

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