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#45: State of the Union; Netanyahu; George W. Bush; The Big Game

(Recorded January 24, 2015) This Week: (1) Boris and Adrian discuss the State of the Union; (2) Netanyahu’s invitation to address to Congress; (3) George W. Bush and the Iraq war, part two; and (4) a very brief mention of deflategate before making predictions for the big game.

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#39: American Torture; G.W. Bush & Iraq; Southern Democrats?

(Recorded December 13, 2014) This Week: (1) the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on CIA torture post-9/11; (2) a look back at George W. Bush and the lead up to Iraq; (3) and do the Democrats have a future in the south?

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#15: Cantor, Iraq, and Churchill

(Recorded June 14, 2014) This Week: (1) Boris and Adrian celebrate Eric Cantor’s primary defeat; (2) they ponder the catastrophe in Iraq; and (3) they reminisce about Churchill despite being born in the 80’s.

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