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WWII: Mythology; The Bomb; & What if Germany had Won?

(Episode Excerpts: 10.3, 22.3, 22.5, and 28.2) This week we’ve bundled a collection of World War II segments into a single show: (1) on the anniversary of Hitler’s suicide, Boris and Adrian talk about the mythology of WWII; (2) we discuss the decision to drop the bomb; (3) plus some after-show chatter (I was out of the room during most of the bomb segment. This is, in-part, what we talked about after that show); and (4) Boris and Adrian ask, “what if Germany won WWII?”
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#37: Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton

(Encore Presentation, Recorded November 2014) This week, in celebration of Hamilton’s many Tony nominations, we bring you an episode from our archive, recorded back in 2014 pre-Hamilton. Adrian and Boris talk founding fathers: Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.

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