#22.5: The Bomb (our after-show discussion)

(Recorded August 9, 2014) We gave everyone the weekend off for Labor Day. So instead of your regularly scheduled podcast, we’re sharing some never-before-aired after-show chatter. It’s from the recording of Episode 22 in which we discussed the decision to drop The Bomb. We record the podcast via video chat, and David was out of the room during most of the bomb segment. This is, in-part, what we talked about after the show.

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This Week’s Links:

Given this week’s show, we thought you might find these interesting.

You can find Feynman’s account of his state of mind after the dropping the bomb in The Pleasure of Finding Things Out. As for Boris’ “limerick,” it’s from an old Tom Lehrer tune:

As for the South Park episode, Boris was talking about this one (Boris really likes South Park).

Image Credit: Los Alamos colloquium.

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