#138: He never said that! The National Gaslighting Begins

(Recorded November 19, 2016) This Week: (1) the news roundup; (2) Trump’s emerging cabinet; and (3) notes on infrastructure and political agendas.

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The Round Up

Trump’s Cabinet

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December 6th, 2016

Infrastructure and Political Agendas

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Adrian: Welcome listeners to another week of the Am in the AM. This week we’re going to return to our regular round up in the smugglers start with the issue of the muslim registry that is being paged by a car with big beep beep homage from supporter of whom was the run of the great person in the great american had this past week on the Kelly file will be interviewed by Megan Kelly he brought up an idea that a good first floated by Kansa secretary of state chris cool but not calling forbes is the creation read that you really love me that attorney general in daddy’s you tell the jury general that’s true sold as muslim registry isn’t floated and the idea in his gun in his discussion without with kelly who brought the case that all lost all lawyers know ’cause we all read law school at the peace accord matsuo which is the case where during world war two the the supreme court said that it was legal three eggs each round of japanese citizens intruded into camps boris what is your take on this the sound from from world that they could create a muslim registering unit of the sinister suggestion that they could create a tourniquet to muslims

Boris: well look at two things first of all as all of it and i will say that as it was unlikely that packet or matsui is in her room good law yeah i remember shout out to perpetual hot ah unconstitutional pointing out to us that in the future if circumstances turned right and we could actually see this is all a horrible decision in our own justice what happened to a japanese americans during world war two happen again and most likely with muslims and they got that brought attention to that legally speaking there is practicable the registry or even worse mass entire don’t think it makes me that is brought to my mind that we’re not seeing a very odd that lived with him from world between the people you get that you know who got to call me afraid things like that they do all say all when i get you that when he was just talk during the election it’s it’s it do i guess fighting going on in that dude all i

Adrian: i agree and job you’ll need is sometimes seen that used to talk about the muzzle retrieve that other members pocketbook the national security educated registration system which will be the registration of problem of people and fiancee and homer circles the country’s using it for only muslim countries of summers that’s what they say they’re trying to look but there are others lady di was just talking generally about a muslim registry which is just suggested to me is really disconcerting to hear someone talk while ha said i’d been overtime on rich people are true believers what is all part of the realm become really really angry and disappointed when they realize that that bed and there are other orange king has no interest in the and the was used as saying we’re approaching the want regular that’s the one good thing and what is interesting to note ohio or uses ideas that making kelly who we’ve seen the the big ugly even though she’s hundred disputes of donald trump unclear member gets out of the nbc news are mostly nucci i don’t she’s still a member fox using she expressed you watch the clip of the biggest surprise that mr he’d be suggested that court matsui idea been turned against it was a was allegedly but i also think that to you know we heal and people expressing shock and dismay the odd i bombed out the people who support on the orange king of our america and not is not is not something you read at all so i’ll resign at news that and

Boris: i’ll get i’ll say this of the obtainable core matsuda i cheated some redoubled his supervision this week show again at the time the court matsuoka was decided it was heavily criticized my legal community it’s still criticize and you can eat it’s taught all lost fool’s joke howls week working get things wrong in the still remain on the furthermore i think there’s a visible federal statutes least of which is done on the kitchen activities of the seven which if you cannot hold and detain american citizens without putting them through a trial and evil and hires there’s there are many reasons why is this and even try to do this and try to hold themselves look lukewarm on to hide and coffin of supreme court will go to that desperate times call for desperate measures you know so little of that all but a thinker and something horrible happened in america over the next two years but shortly be just as a matter statistics certainly possible i’ll let you seem to think are on impossible are incompatible with the american way of life are gonna happen really focus less on i wanted i’m figure out what about from becoming prisoner was impossible i was on orbit and gothic on the issue and of a i’m a classic was letting letting are betting against the stupidity of the american people all it hugo hugo and what i’d classic car from our new lead are due out next issue of the that are either estimated that ability of stupidity i made a basic mistake of judgment was i’ve got a little bit of voters all stupid but i’m not do that you make but i don’t last all either are they explained it was in one out of the hours i was sure about this in august and some of the heart and that’s what i said earlier it was all but muslim was so boldly drain the swamp doldrums transition team whether as it not haven’t i haven’t i haven’t seen you don’t i don’t know island low what what s. backed off that go on for years morris company when all of them to donald trump’s tradition team that developed over the hell was attention recently chris christy was given to folded back with the new info world they never thought the transition team would have to do anything and then one stroke one and the related chris chris be the disgrace governor but love new jersey was injured the decision deep at populated the transition team with his old lobbyist friends in various lot isn’t slightly republican here presented as the new jersey and also mike rogers very well respected republican congressman bob and on that show security issues of one hence out from the van was sponsor mostly don’t christie and who’s been care crisis all must purge of law above christina point seized my chances been put in charge of the transition team and is now clearly laid it all the all lobbyists from positions with a transit it was also institute but there seem to be a five year ban on lobbyist join the government of boris would oregon or lobbyist sawhill or vice versa lobbyists be the government’s lobby when we say about that is all in a positive and this was all these bands and the idea into your blood began with the budget be asked to look at it comply with his band when they go to dislodge is it is not to be classified as a business card as consultant and it is your day ended the guard duty i know but it’s raining all this while all right now the lobbyists in washington are the iraq a quickie that’s not so on and it’s just it’s just blowing her now they are they know exactly what kind of administration that they got coming in they know this is between this and at one end of the study of bonanza so in the same drained the swamp get a drink clean water from the swab and that is what we got caught one years popping injected that’s that’s that’s what happens is a law to buy an estimable also in the news the trump university settlement twenty five billion dollar settlement where mall were mostly keep the attendees will get some like half of that to wish him back like donald trump is not admitting anybody was a fraud he’s not admitting any wrongdoing with the twenty five million course when you think about the settlement look at it off at he had well this case is a matter of just basic common sense and did he cry then the next thing while the midst of a whore little assumes on average in so it wasn’t so i mean come to just i can i didn’t say it is necessarily group of bialik in the fact that mineral we secured a disgrace i personally are more than to do little to max before is that what effect if you had high pressure sales tactics that people were or are rated for failing to one op eagles credit cards to the max the fact that they had numerous criminals ex cons will also shrine drug dealers working as sales are presented and that bet it and as i can tell no one ever i cannot and our job university it was a classic brought it was a classic scam much like that all talk presidential campaign raw but what it is what i’m good morning my window a gentleman is a pure matter only practical reality or gets out and that’s what folks we’ve got it from them he all on relieved of their own law eternity is right even what the deck the civic duty has to focus on cars and that’s like the cousin of time bro i had an soothing drop of a river it but the but don’t listen i’ve gone on without whom we waver drawn all the credit move a little long live with some of the house democrats lightning tupelo c. is o. running for another and that a term as as as the leader of the sit of the house dams and she’s been childlike tim ryan the ohio odin congressman who is rumored to dodge it doesn’t seem to have any particular called up courtney okamoto eileen trial that he is not need to go see ahead approaches editions run for governor mc of ohio in the next cycle of course we’re using the book is tim ryan chose to blows it well okay what he’s got nothing to lose yes sir that’s the that’s the first and a good thing is as america’s brought guns like yes they nancy glossy desert to keep her daughter whose blood it i mean i didn’t have army leaders issued in liquid nitrogen leaders refused to the right yeah quietly over dead heat earlier the democrats i mean you know you lose the election cycle the moroni generally get up it the apple or i. b. generally get up to liquids in england you know and the head of the labor party without the resigned to let reelection the roast ’cause we wanna get so i wouldn’t be against our real challenge without it is more a publicity stunt the young talent show you see out into the fact is no message i think really what seems to whether we need a change volleys of you would not buy we both go to these senate against bob bernice the unrest and that not you agree that that’s good and he blows in there might be got cars like the idea at the likely don’t you love reading the higher court also the idea is drivers that beside me that we just need a new play and i will say this political soup the reason she keeps the job my opinion is ’cause she’s immediate regime times cash which which which she’s very good on what we may be time i agree with you point out one of winning raising cash it really i really you get when so anyway let’s look one of the senate and bernie sanders and democrats new jersey of bernie sanders is became illegal you should position within the senate democrats would again refused to join the caucus and will not sit as a democrat boris would you think the man who ran to the leader of the democratic party and afterwards he still kilimanjaro carried i go to admit the spree annoying but classy brody he said in the wood years old he’s not the image means committee seventy were heroes and you know all of sudden change who they are and as though i mean he and britain as he as we as a kind of glad they got a leadership position the party we’ll make some of those whiny os supporters just shot opera little bit i saw horn have no problem with an m. not join in and i do it or it will erode leisurely not going what are all if that’s true that’s true lord almighty other members of the senate democratic caucus which will talk to vote later the show or so let’s go up great parlor game that is in france the good those are political media will as always does with judy eat appointments all the various cabinet positions are to have particularly kind of political tear apart and hilariously and and this particular ah it an act or is this grotesque and it’s so so it’s been particularly noteworthy because i like is like the old and parlor games like to go in atlantic or the curtains were just sitting there in the current state of ecstasy as well as those who don’t talk about tom’s cabin it’s like to add at this point the regal chosen we all are rumors well are you before we get to the rumors it looks are with let’s go with what we now have by the arm by the left him because this is just such a goon squad when i use that phrase again and again and again just right for the people around him who we go through this list as you see this really is about to coons and all want to hide the mike bubbled look at look at ottawa last look at as ronald president promised that he’s gonna surround himself with the best people although you know that the the best because let’s start out with a list of the best people with our with which the ban the head of the old right although he is now we’re announced that crowning no longer clings to the court all right with goodies chief advisor out and and strategist he’s being sent to what you said you complete your your crawl rolled your david axelrod of that kind of a position on the dominican them in jail and fight sleep in a particularly on his at what what i was that war as well as to need i mean i’ve seen right or no it’s in the east and oh oh one site will be anti semitic comments by have also read the house of c. n. n.’s wipes the court and the worst proceeding that’s even specifically say it was and this gives a particular school who are too many jews but as you can increase bows how do we take that he divorced disease could not have a got a hidden especially given what we see that right or ever since then sell it at an ailing that i didn’t feel i have no interest in korea during what we’re seeing didn’t have to say about anything funny to me he’s got he’s just a more refined shows up girl is teams all right all right as essentially shorter version of skinheads and how he and selkirk squire the end also agreed brightly colored reduces the anti semitism bright parts also website a whirlpool set out windows is called black crime all those also with us on to the horrible has not it will have it you knead that is not here yet and he did kill at the hit of the senate as the park where the auto and i think anything else but how could it but how could he be an anti semite you were chief you worked at goldman sachs you workable peace jewish bankers you worked in hollywood with all those lot of jewish people not to use while he he was one of the early investors and seinfeld how could you be in a desolate than ought question at used and you didn’t out schneider are at an i. r. a. and i’m only bringing that up because that is being one of the classic responses yes yes i’d change yet on that race has led to many black friends yes actually omaha this game is played out with the right i nailed it also what i i will flee to point out is what i saw it really was annoyed me is that all will iowa would gain is actually an anti semite or a or any of these things just as website that he used for an immediate action believe the scenes the meat is just for quacks well that’s certainly makes him but he ally i don’t argue at all out it actually fastening because his appointment from day one a kind of it was a bit new bomb going off in the eighty on the top administration on common ground not when it would all with the with the democrats or what no human decency so seldom i live at a dangerous the hostile see actually makes it an odd the the orders to quit and all it’s like not and also through berlitz ceo roads richard walsh look at the pool rejoice in his appointment of protectively david duke and dolly no members of the kkk the neo nazis they’re very clear this is our did he get back on their job was a lot to be one of the law the ought to be so to bed at be confirmed by the senate we’ve got to look at those actions or an attorney general mike on a known as odd as hadn’t cia without michael where o. got another another one of the da other anti semite and the groom lahore on national security advisor and so and it doctor lederman is let’s start i treaty let’s start with jefferson beauregard sessions i think is a portly uses for me out so yes let’s start with jeff jefferson beauregard possessions of the junior senator from the sea of lwin look at the very very early tromp supporter hard line on immigration and a man with that that’s been dogged by accusations of racism against black people whose entire career and that that jeff sessions as you know jeff sessions o. p. ninety six was nominated by president reagan to be at the most federal judge in nineteen eighty six the republican controlled senate judiciary committee found his background to probably because you presented in a dead sea to julia aldana and several members of the permit just the scheme for this event he referred to blacken pool of black petroleum’s boy he had with her to say that he thought that the kkk was okay except for the back the smoked marijuana which you later claimed was a joke any appalled as i’d love to know what that joke was because frankly that part of it is not funny at all and so in this old sessions has been dogged by these accusations of racism by its motors dreary kept him from becoming a federal judge on which she then we had virtually general for al pacino bailout and again there junior senator says sessions now we’re being teach each and this this this brings to mind when donald from the past black people what do they have to lose if it father ministrations well i think that what they have to woozy is consent decrees a better mood for spite deal jake getz bloke police departments have trouble with racial racial profiling in britain braces leasing practices what they have to lose is on investigations old investigations of oval or enforcement well when asked me if i’m for all the what they have to lose this awful lot of the world was still writes departed with the g. o. j. that investigates abrasions really should have a little while things to lose that there would be lost with the judge with a peachy sessions but we haven’t even talked about what is going to happen to undocumented people is that your men are we’re is sessions is an incredible hard line on that would force you take that life has been reviewed added that i was i was on sessions as you were both dan i was concerned about the black greeted by black racism as you’re concerned with you do so it doesn’t look awful probable woody’s i don’t want a lot require that begins in america as we’ve seen over the last may be years than slow transition away from the inky black and the stalwart and he lacked racism i’ll move the room we get out of the law was all kind of level and is that the focus has shifted to all be the kind of racism beecher stowe can publicly express which is racism towards hispanics and then my hopes and goes to church only getting the product on the stroke women’s right jeff sessions as i mean he’s right there with speaking he used the ultimate immigration or white or in the senate he did yes all hardliners think that he’s against illegal immigration which is a which is a remarkable position no idea so on i mean it’s kennedy does signal otto that i mean this jewelry store i will always according to the watchful is is is is is is is giving beaver to the people who were with him and who supported him to the are being rewarded at the grass half of the war it’s due this is what he believes in the super powers he were an end and that that’s the i have been you know what to eat meat no particular god and we now have the the shawn eckardt weiner in the united states senate now polls today that she will return in the united states are importing that this could set the big deciding which state wants to challenge it i bought an owl which that as adequate worst case scenario and also he’s in charge of these would be partially for the deportations and politically charge of at la prosecutions against people who break the law by re ecstatic archie after prior deportations ok now that portal to pay out and let me at is used by the standards that we we ought to look good to go and sit this one looked a bit of he’s only by piece in the ’cause he’s such a reasonable guy that when he’s on usually in signaled his intention to challenge was their marie and indians and the psycho wearily his party the republicans in the senate and house when nuclear are committing told him he beat you start right recruiter in rear we wonder why because he’s such a lunatic n. nor jostle look around the act so are much more agenda about ’em like ’em hell is this going to favor that you want the one billion hillary clinton and got investigations was his responsibility he’s got incredible hardliner against islam an incredible hardliner in general against as long as a general religion in horrible hardliners in via radio and michael when avalos general flynn well found on a saloon even when he was in that and i and i hadn’t had a i go to intelligence only has confirmed that more so with every passing day on all generally people know it will acknowledge that ins al like you reach wheat and all are we in the senate just pull obstacle is the islamic religion is is just a friend and that we got word middle of a existential right against american ah but he was get a light side for our art for low or against terrorism or islamic jihad or what it all on any more wars that at a good she didn’t want or nettles your matters to to to ronald it and later i’m pleased to meet you theo is it that doesn’t make me feel good that we’re in and stay of wars i mean with these two leading how do we sit of wars against against the the middle east in the eye decides don’t see abby also the greatest fear is bumpy something going very bad with the new to the radio i’m at the radio which will lead him that inevitably anything to them we bought holding back the deal you re increasing to nuclear weapons at which point is really the message we have no choice but to invade them out stop giving you the opportunity do you think bye letter that i there’s a good lead out and i said that it i said that show last week so that you did that so i know you agree that any one of the soul food let’s move onto some people who work moment in the cabinet so amusing there was for wild floated the idea of new gingrich be secretary of state that seems to end it is new to consult out of the running and said that the clay and he was not him again and you gotta get hit with you is that ought not offered a position it did you do take more for strategic role often outside of the white house hoping from the drop in this region white as the one you to work he can read and just a little bit of the get that doesn’t look good at a little good article in judge sessions of that many as a book but also i knew you was not as steadfast as a supporter as sessions were being an inner flight and you killed when you lose your lungs malcolm say some new london reverend included common to both the two drums sometimes is big sob sometimes a little trouble at the things like that might’ve heard newt of that then let’s move to the to do will apply fear that not one and it is two good doctor bad guards let him go ahead now ha ha ha that tell quick end law like these are good at reason and hadn’t got conscience accept it i got it honestly and where why that is making you don’t laugh at you that there is that who return for president is now isn’t it doesn’t have the relevant government experience to be a cabinet secretary i just like he can believe that this is what you spokesperson said you’d you’d put your lose out or up easy does it uses its new admission that this is truly the annie get that she was truly if it hit him with every passing day the past year and a half i didn’t mourn were thinking that laid the u. n. headquarters years old as jupiter surgeon in you made it all i should eager you were very very well boys i wanted to say that he was an immediate neurosurgeon gladly took the mishap and i had i l. mess that he does not strike me as a man whose judgment of interest to wait it out of the like are hello and oro who make complex our jury and was he had to leave it at the white is that what the leash you give him credit the least you is limits he was limits would be nice to meet all those limits before we decided to ride through the soup but anyway one of the jewish vote with doctor kurtz it leaves absurd story let’s move on though to that for the middle of doctor who the hell mouth but opera the actual children’s also as we all nagano i’ll talk to squeeze his aho business empire to knock the wind for ronald what’s that it’s not like from a spy who jumped into is the gel you got a good run by his children now we’re seeing that actually i mean what can only be seen as the general public behavior or whole area scale taking place here where we have shared question or doctrines ops are long asylum law ah whose father by light is the federal prison for white write it i i got a thereby chris chris you white that’s my business news new meaning couldn’t ignore the that was ruled it from getting to that that nothing to do not want to quit will knock your attitude when we all know the orange thing that live in any case jerry question they are out there now like we’re sunk at weaver’s are indeed nepotism as ok this is all our jerk russia to her old child white house and all i know what what article report again that when the top empire which means usually become we and all of this all about her and stop she is sitting at meetings with trial can chisel at right minister and end it turned out or bad as well are late daddy will get this to drug dealers troubling because this scene on meetings they have access to him from the news they have access to the briefing information and basically the entire eco dossier of incredibly valuable information that the president access to the means of your readers and not really cured kirschner the border job at least we’re hearing your father talk goebel these things are maybe discuss these things in meetings with foreign leaders and it does in which they could do is nothing that scotty vaughn could trump from using information that she has learned to benefit their business and is nothing to stop the fact that he will sleep public also could we all know flowing entities to think well maybe if we do business with the market will have aligned to dawdle winfield control us to have an influence with us for all to do all just terrible just terrible but in our public here we come out but as your local bourse as a result the opera house committee on old government oversight has been too who moved with calls to investigate the conflict of interest that this new cars now josh i’m sure the care what i wouldn’t let anybody thinks about any onto the house committee on our side is a season that they ought to last they’ve got to look forward next couple of weeks in the kneecap and we that we get it there you offices have been killed which of course treasury speed and that’s all our other straighter than that to ot wanted at mit romney is meeting with a with chalk this weekend and that there are some who are h. and o’reilly will be all that got secretary of state what has thought these are serious and that i don’t even know how bout happened i i i i you heard that they met the rumors of those stupid to bury the hatchet i do not believe that may romney which while i hate and nato has issued a nice name secretary of treasury isn’t it ’cause he’s actually at the actual you’re getting hitched are truly from acquisition relative to the other people on a second upcoming not rocket secretariat the sort who is he not at work and that the other room of researchers it is a course rudy giuliani he that good a jacuzzi he used the speech much money from two he forgot for reform government is not the problem he’s such a great fear that i mean he makes ben carson seem like a modest opening on who what how his temper on and he’s actually on did you go on earth isn’t that says he’s the to secretary of state of the united states at understand it and to source week when the whole access we are at this and why is my hope is yelling and howling to a klutz and scour id can to get in gothenburg tear out they’d herbs are the end though polls about other the hitters be used all want bankers seem to be in in the running off for sick for training as law which would truly be drain the swamp and for secretary of defense there’s been rumors of telly off of me and for what does she get the job iraq little to go that second i call on the way you see it yet eighty attending one of the network from first one of these three jobs and as as awaited goldberg is all he wanted to use black because of her as well go get abducted at and me get let us know john mccain jack palais de however ah these are the people were now really gonna be running our country these are what is her and the reasonable republicans in the united states and it inch i came in with the graham you look people were not responsible for preserving the sanity of the american government of the next four years and i’m really all that doc started when john and i know like england lost all eight and are making ideally if they happen anymore i think we can lead in his love of our country is that yet only on his patriotism i hate to his in his capital kind of decency and i believe it yet not one is what is certain to last term the united states or he has absolutely nothing to stop antler my hope in these people took to stay in dock at least put all our record check on on the top residents in there to happen when people like rudy giuliani or being talked about her positions with security is only isa people ’cause we got you to zip form his people our policy is robert reich twins is sick and furthermore we need your arm and a lot ain’t a snob what happens next week we can trust what really call ryan always get up and this he said one of the sea bed appointment was made that steve did i served on a former it will make him think me watch for two working for a great sounds a lot of foreign what kind of the year kellyanne conway was asked about him than being a racist and she’s a liar work can be done by races but all all are right but that’s all the do not have that done that i left moscow that was almost like you’re feeling cotton or was i ever seen and yes henry and that is exactly what what would you in any case let’s not want to go at all with a cream big story out in your time this week ought to knock that and we talk schumer nancy pelosi u. n. n. n. l. r. right now considering our strategy o. kind out triangulation without trial bob way and that’s when a actually angle on it with him right here where he goes against it out all right orthodoxy like infrastructure spending by the entire his reforms well all see about that we’re will talk about that but we trade are free trade agreement ought maybe you again i have no idea things like that they are going to try angulated yes i work with with with all with fall against the republicans activity their strategy that obviously are going all out has just exploded with anger that a real huge unrelated is at the very notion did you do know and like you think it’s complete idiots because i think you probably read what i think i’d eat it’s it’s complete easy because the end of the day right i think that trump will simply use the democrats as leverage against the republicans will just be partly huge big game i think ultimately the child the senate and house g. o. p. and not going to ever allow something like for trying to somehow team up with the democrats to pass legislation that does this trying delicious judge is doomed to fail because ultimately you would require some republican defections and as far as as calm as not more partisan these things don’t happen anymore then finally you should take the strategy that the republicans took to the democrats after all week when it hit just about couldn’t that they your honor that wish it were omitted the idol l. high art is hanging on his last hours gulf war that was before these upon that of your love life us live by that i mean we use our idols pulls it is he i still do we could use our president will we see but that doesn’t this silliness as alice like the one out of the record as of this morning hillary clinton’s lead a national popular vote is not up to one point seven million will continue in doesn’t matter for the that that does about it and all at the three mad at one point seven million asked me that one out or one by the name means of donald trump is not a majority twenty baht is our president we’ll see what he does your plan b. but the democrats don’t need to roll over in advance me what what what what see what he brings board before we we we we sold on the bluff would make such obvious gestures to work with the drug industry should we lean and mean look at the speed of this happened this past week his cabinet would probably already be talking about the sort of thing with c. whisper polls are before we say we can work it present frock spoke to get the prevailing wisdom is that a lot you take publicly so that you didn’t say in a couple of weeks well we were gonna be reasonable when he wasn’t so now’s our cannot always works yeah okay that the new intelligence that great years our work pretty well cleared out into connaught i do agree i don’t remember the where i don’t remember though we were gonna work with them all out they were a lot of noise that we reunite the first couple weeks after the election was all he knew what he was week’s news lily weeks okay fair enough delighted that action people are thinking the end i i assume is because people don’t we let chuck schumer’s committee and if chuck schumer took it does idiotic and we went really odd american people don’t pay or play court members of congress voted what are what they think at star is good old records credit goes to the president ought to at the house or is that right and what a republican and the spotlight which is what the republicans in the understood that psychic s. gridlock nothing is being got a plane goes to the press writer being built in past actually are beneficial and saw look goes to the press and out can get out and it’s part ha art or ronald reagan became such a popular opinion at and or it’ll be all we should what got it old at asked about it and that’s how this works is this is full to help but it was so who was good bills that were good for the country will that argument that should the democrats want while grade book that i would sit there was a highway there was that that obviously that the change of the bankruptcy code wasn’t catastrophe for working people but there were good thing committed acts of regret having that early on in the attack is the highway bill there was logical is in baghdad from aryan to stop talking for all of this life basically it that the government taking a doctor and working class that will happen what will you are a look at it looks as not a result we are told us out when it looked like this you will legitimize trial you’ll actually may go up rather than the next phase it in work and i i actually people like parted and that was here and we’ll let you are reaching honor are but when you were on having ice at all or no i just wanted to go i mean bartow and yonhap you know not have increased in debt ceiling it cost me you don’t all have i wake up patient in and it ought to cut short that ha out all our hang our callers were i got on top i don’t care whether it or not i don’t care whether infrastructure slit your patriotism boris which is good for the country are you no hatred and it’s not an oscar and all oars like white and i’m i’m not saying it’s light of zenith when it’s good for the country will be absolute highway bill sir okay for you what i pinched schumer’s defense schumer’s been taught not working with them on infrastructure that i hope i think that will collapse because been in west front infrastructure bills absurd they wanted to do private flying into which means that they will be selling the rights for private individuals to build public infrastructure that presumably charge people for which relate whole world’s untold riches which is a terrible play on it’s only good good good deal ever happens all the people of the wind up in jail goo largest con doctor pull up in america the grumble what were our product in american history so much so much corruption is coming from all at his look on anyone talk about the will work stoppage how do you are a good turning on him he wishing stories that tom right to call in the art health and human services are all in without talking all alright about our rapid privatization of medicare broke down with the first one to chop it up so that it radio what what she’ll with that people absolutely jones result of that it could kill her privatizing the or amy only allow happen in a very big adams quickly there will be graft that’s my point people will get a chance of making for song something so what happened in russia i believe when they were sewn up the soviet empire point has this has been the agendas like the idea that there’s anything to be worked with it’s a fallacy it’s it’s arkansas so we’ll call it the stocks option that fall gives a damn about cole going any goes wrong and he doesn’t because he doesn’t even fully understand what he has promised well oh how you would go out doing anything to you cannot how all on you and you escape america wants that further down the road to win if you worked with chocolate cut it you get to it does it i i do disagree bores i do disagree i think we at least we can see you with the plans are helping schumer genius and now seen so much for an advance i don’t know what else hot the national interest for them but i don’t i shredded hearty bistro you should be let’s wheat and see what the pills or where it’s where there are progressive ideas that we can agree with the should work with tromp on and see you at the fed easing his seat and they actually you also republican votes all we can get away from the hill right agenda to actually get some things done whether some common cause that the fancy new c. but i think you would like to think they yielded that the his promises that from his music is immigration and hinting that thing like that that they should be also already want from spawns a one term limits we talked last week as our deep into cold water for honored by the house up when he has an especially good idea it’s opening is on going where sony introduced to have trouble the promises but i disagree with you that a we should probably start in the forefront should be not helping the president under no circumstance die i’m way out not latest on appointments not a lot to decree also what happened when it’s on that i might buy into the cabinet appointments human concessions of one is i mean the proposal we said joined presently at helena right and at a press obama’s charm and we should say to get the president’s entitled to the team the war that while we’re not out and about i’ll write criminals you know if you hold views that we disagree giuliani yes they eat all who that we’ve just a conflict of interest and that sort of thing for giuliani was forced to use yes i find jack i disagree with judge sessions used withdraw guatemala’s team and jeff sessions and if it is a conflict of interest rate epochal probably bad usually major regional yes it hurts my heart to say that you’re at that what it is a cabinet would get his children with the exception all of the most you know the tube egregious horrific things like the idea of rudy giuliani inspectors a short local evidently that unlike quicken product or or what were the sort of calamity like that i think you’re probably right what our judicial appointments and you read it cannot be caught out for her but more than work for you know where the hell is the supreme court of law the supreme court depends on we picked because the people off that was the circulated vision the democratic votes so they come out we have two years that we have the we’re like we’re there’s another election up the goal is basically the white world war one this is not like your or or or what or not or two others will warm you dig trenches and you make them oh changed by engine like that for every single inch because all the old ali oh we in two thousand eighty knots at our house and ca you get out some reinforcements coming in and turn the tide of battle that is how like you with our extremities shitty it becomes fringes is keeping you can and then you just who hold your position inch by inch and you should be more honest i made it more optimistic than actual more optimistic but i think me and that means that you were to just articulated is easy is audio weepy to be ready in new book that we would double what the republican response to obama’s victory in two thousand the peculiar one of the whittle it get residue not at the do not do not ask what could we have god knows what my favorite books about this where the republicans were hiding means had a fat led by the koch brothers to lead on monday all palmer’s inauguration you’re having meetings aboard implementing this exact strategy that she did and tactically it what we agreed works by just told the kids we did for the country the thing at least barack obama was a part with democrats in every sense even on pattillo mumbai went to the linoleum others and counting but anyone so they’ll be here do you see which strategy the democrats and i’m taking my suspect forced me you’ll end up going with my strategy rather than what i suspect you’re wrong because i’m from new york and i know but schumer operate by chuck schumer does not play fair chuck schumer they got to or juice can chuck schumer keep together the team yes but sadly that joe made use of the world i would argue that it was already said he’s supporting jeff sessions for a change and i had eight each scene what we see that this is kind and i need all the way it gopal to work like to mention cycles is all of that that’s al i got there will be our there’s only two this point it he cannot work by democrats weren’t real when it’s the number in less than me and out that hot as go rule for term of specially to filibuster legislation remains that by all accounts it will the simple reason that it couldn’t understand it will be in retarded or at latecomer and ah so so as long as that may indicate on alert a lot at old op than your job make it shall be are you good bye can that not only actually not that you wrote it for reelection and how we operate he is not yet he’s an arrow to the mall is not only let us call an think why all well let’s see will see how it goes and that’ll be interesting to see is that we jake ab got times country needed art and it ought not look without hope and that listeners aho you enjoy others on shore weekend things getting animals you all again all he’ll walk turkey but not too much i hope she’ll again next week