Monthly Archives: December 2016

#143: AM in the AM’s 3rd Annual Things of the Year Holiday Spectacular

(Recorded December 17, 2016) This week, AM in the AM’s Third Annual Things of the Year Holiday Spectacular. We look back at 2016′s: (1) American; (2) non-Trump person; (3) world person; (4) Trumpwatch Moment; (5) scandal; (6) outrage; (7) political story; (8) schadenfreude; (9) athlete; and (10) tech story of the year. Plus Boris and Adrian’s predictions for 2017.

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#140: Weapons of Math Destruction, a chat with the author–Cathy O’Neil.

(Recorded December 03, 2016) This Week: Adrian’s away, but we have a book club discussion with the author of Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy.

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