Monthly Archives: February 2016

#100: Race for the White House; Scalia’s Seat; Apple v. FBI

(Recorded February 21, 2016) This week in our hundredth episode: (1) the Race for the White House; (2) Scalia’s Seat; and (3) Apple v. FBI.

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#99: Remembering Antonin Scalia; Election 2016

(Recorded February 14, 2016) This Week Boris and Adrian: (1) remember Justice Antonin Scalia; and (2) they take a look at this week in presidential politics.

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#98: Iowa; New Hampshire; Campaign Funerals; Making a Murderer

(Recorded February 06, 2016) This week, Boris and Adrian: (1) look back at Iowa; (2) share their predictions for New Hampshire; (3) mourn the passing of several presidential campaigns; and (4) dig into the mechanics of the Netflix show Making a Murderer.

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