Monthly Archives: November 2015

#87: The Aftermath of Paris (US Politics: refugees & fighting ISIS); the “Ferguson Effect”; Political Round-up.

(Recorded November 21, 2015) This Week: (1) American politics responds to the Paris attacks; (2) dissecting the “Ferguson Effect”; and (3) Adrian and Boris run through this week’s political round-up.

FYI, we’ll be having a book club episode in the new year on The Prize: Who’s in Charge of America’s Schools? by Dale Russakoff. Our discussion will air on January 26, 2016. If you’d like to hear us talk about anything in particular, use the contact link to get us your suggestions or questions by January 21st.

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#86: Weekly Round-Up; Race and Speech in Higher Ed.; Doomed Democrats?

(Recorded November 14, 2015) This Week: (1) Our weekly Round-Up; (2) Protests at Missouri and Yale; and (4) are the Democrats Doomed?

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#85: Weekly Round-Up; the loss of Metrojet flight 9268; NBA Preview.

(Recorded November 07, 2015) This week: (1) Adrian and Boris talk about the GOP presidential field, the Keystone XL pipeline, how George H W Bush and his advisors are making trouble for Jeb; (2) the loss of Metrojet 9268; and (3) Josh and Boris talk NBA;

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#84: Weekly Round-up (John Boehner et al.); Military Commissions; the Martian

(Recorded October 31, 2015) This week: (1) the round-up looks at the GOP debate, Boehner’s good bye, and more; (2) Adrian and Boris talk about military commission; and (3) we talk about the Martian, colonizing Mars, and why we like stories grounded in fact.

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