Monthly Archives: October 2015

#83: Weekly Round-up with Trump, Chafee, Webb, Crist, & the Bush brothers; Speaker of the House Paul Ryan? Hillary Clinton; Justin Trudeau

(Recorded October 24, 2015) this week: (1) the round-up talks Trump, Chafee, Webb, Crist, and the Bush brother; (2) Paul Ryan wants to be Speaker; (3) Trey Gowdy makes Hillary Clinton look good; and (4) Canada’s Justin Trudeau.

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#80: Weekly Round-up; Syria; Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders.

(Recorded October 03, 2015) This week Boris and Adrian: (1) roundup the week’s political news; (2) discuss Putin’s play in Syria, the refugee crisis; and (3) Hillary Clinton v. Bernie Sanders.

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