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This Congress, Your Honor?

Last week in the oral argument for King v. Burwell, Donald Verrilli got a good laugh from the audience in response to a hypothetical posed by Justice Scalia. See page 54, line 9 of the transcript. We noted this LOL moment in episode 51 (airing Tuesday), and I got to thinking, “There should be a Twitter bot that reads oral arguments and links to laugh lines.” So I accidentally pulled an all-nighter putting one together. Meet @LOLSCOTUS.

Right now, it’s working through the back catalogue, but it should catch up with current arguments pretty soon. Above, you’ll find a tweet pointing all the way back to 2002.

#22.5: The Bomb (our after-show discussion)

(Recorded August 9, 2014) We gave everyone the weekend off for Labor Day. So instead of your regularly scheduled podcast, we’re sharing some never-before-aired after-show chatter. It’s from the recording of Episode 22 in which we discussed the decision to drop The Bomb. We record the podcast via video chat, and David was out of the room during most of the bomb segment. This is, in-part, what we talked about after the show.

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World War II’s Big Three (the Allied leaders)

(Episode Excerpts: 13.3, 15.3, and 16.2) This week, we’ve bundled our discussion of the allied leaders into a single show: (1) Boris and Adrain talk about Uncle Joe Stalin; (2) they reminisce about Churchill despite being born in the 80′s; and (3) we rap things up with a look at FDR – just how many points should he loose for the internment camps?

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#14: Ukraine Update and Retrospective

(Recorded May 31, 2014) This Week: We look back at the crisis in Ukraine and ask, “who won?” FYI, this episode runs a little long because, in addition to new material, we’ve tacked our previous Ukraine coverage on to the end of the show. We hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane, including bits from our Feb. 22, Mar. 9, Mar. 23, and Apr. 19 shows.

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Whinny Billionaires, Income Inequality, and American Oligarchy

(Episode Excerpts: 0.4, 1.3.2, 7.2, and 9.2) This Week: (1) Boris gets on his soapbox about whinny billionaires; (2) Josh talks about Tom Perkins’ Sex and the Single Zillionaire; (3) Campaign finance laws: what does McCutcheon mean for money in politics?; and (4) Capital, power and the American oligarchy. We discuss recent scholarship on income inequality and the influence of money in politics.

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